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The Pittiful Home Front


Shortages of the War
Women's Roles
Children's roles
Riots of the North and South
The Burning of Atlanta

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The Burning of Atlanta

1) Who was the General who burned Atlanta so thoughroughly that not a single building from the Civil War time still stands in Atlanta?
   a. General Lee
   b. General Armstrong
   c. General Sherman
2)What is the General above's biggest contribution in the War, that started with The Burning of Atlanta?
   a. March to Sea
   b. March to South
   c. Gettysburg

3)What was the intent of the contribution above?
   a. to win the battle
   b. to damage the south's economy
   c. to crush the south's will

Riots in the North and South

4)What cities were the big riots in? 
    a)Atlanta and Richmond
    b)Richmond and Washington DC
    c)New York and Cincinatti

5)Who started the riots?
    a)angry citizens and draftees
    b)angry citizens and slaves
    c)slaves and draftees
6)What was the biggest riot recorded during the Civil War?
    a)The New York riot
    b)The Cincinatti riot
    c)The Battle of Bull Run

Women's Roles

7)______Women from the North and South got jobs as clerks.
8) Seamstresses were compared to ___________because of their pay and amount of work they had to do

9) ____________and_______________ were made in the arsinals.

Children's Roles

10) A _________ is a small, high-pitched woodwind instrument similar to a flute.

11) Which side needed to be a certain age to be a soldier and their parent's permission just to enlist in the war?
     a) the North
     b) the South
     c) both
     d) neither
12) The children of the Civil War would ____________, _____________, or ______________ in their spare time.

Shortages During the War

13) Who said "I will not move my army without onions!"
     a) John Letcher
     b) Ulysses S. Grant
     c) Robert E. Lee

14) What was the bread riot?
     a) A giant food fight with only bread
     b) a protest, because the soldiers were sick of eating bread for every meal
     c) a group of people who decided to steal bread for the soldiers and them selves.

15)A Civil War soldier is 10 times more likely to die from what than a World War 1 soldier?
     a) hunger
     b) disease
     c) amputation or wound
     d) insanity

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